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Plastic Barrel 9L B090-2

Item No B090-2
Colour White
Size 25.5 x 25 x 23 cm
Materials PP
Instructions It can be for industrial production and manufacturing, decoration, painting etc.
Weight 508g

Plastic Barrel

PP raw materials selected from excellent recipe processing, made the product resistant to acid, alkali, heat, cold and good stability

Well sealed, sturdy and durable, quality assurance, a full line of specification from direct manufacturer


Purpose of plastic barrel

Multi-purpose barrel (Food grade PP plastic), It can be for marmalade, chilli paste, essence and flavor, Lubricating oil, Coating paint etc.


Product details

Understanding the structure of the plastic barrel

1. Hand tear and pull clasp Tear and pull opening design of barrel cover, the cover has anti-theft function, disposable pop can design

2. Internal smooth the inside of the barrel is smooth and delicate, adopt HDPE materials, avoid to drop and break, crush and side leaking

3. Thickened bottom design avoid to wear out and crush

4. Round and smooth barrel mouth detail oriented, round barrel mouth avoid scratching

5. Leakage-proof - well sealed, prevent fluid leakage



Barrel open and close operating

How do I close the lid

1. Place the cover horizontally into the mouth of the barrel

2. Press down the anti-fake easy-pull device of the cover to heard sound

3. Then the sealing effect can be achieved by tapping the edge of the cover with glue

How do I open the lid

1. Lift the opening of the anti-counterfeiting bar with your hands and hold it

2. Open the anti-counterfeiting bar to the end

3. Hook one end of the cover skirt with your fingers and press the other hand on the top of the cover directly opposite, lift the over up vigorously.


Printing requirements

According to customer's demand, we provide sample processing color, printing, oil nozzle and other services, there are a variety of screen printing and color printing options


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