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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Sino US trade agreement must be balanced in two ways, equality and mutu

Source: Ningbo daily

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said 21 days that trade agreements between China and the United States must be two-way balanced, equal and mutually beneficial.

According to reports, U.S. President trump said in a recent media interview that he had told China before the recent rounds of us China negotiations that the agreements between the United States and China could not be reciprocal (50-50). Because of China's past trade practices, the agreement must be more beneficial to the United States.

Regarding mutual exchange of needed products, Lu Kang said at a regular press conference on that day that "whether to be equal" or "who is more advantageous" is not the same thing in trade relations, and it is unrealistic to require two economies to be absolutely equal and open in trade practice.

He said that the so-called trade reciprocity and mutual benefit should mean that all industries open their markets to achieve overall reciprocity and balance of interests. It is unscientific and unprofessional to think that the United States is suffering losses in Sino US trade relations. "The negotiation of trade agreements itself cannot require absolute equality in all fields, but it must be two-way balanced, equal and mutually beneficial.

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