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Frequently Asked Questions ——
Please review these most frequently asked questions for businesses who are considering using GYD to source direct from Chinese manufacturers.  If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Q. How can GYD help in sourcing and importing from China?
A. GYD  is a China based company which provides supply chain management solutions. Our office in Xiamen is staffed with experienced personnel who are multilingual and understand the complexities of China's regulations, taxation regime and corporate system. We are also aware of China's intricate business culture. No matter how small or large your company is, or the type of project, GYD will endeavor to make your experience of China profitable.  Contact us today and let us create the foundations for your organizations competitive edge.
A. By using GYD you can improve your profit margin; we source and develop your Chinese products and pass the cost savings directly to you. You save on management time as all Product Development, QC, Clearing, Shipping and Distribution are managed for you. You only pay the ex-works China factory price, import duties and a small commission. Typically you can expect to dramatically reduce your costs, whilst minimizing your risk, thus increasing your China purchasing power.
Q. What are the Advantages of Working with a Product Sourcing Company?
A. No you don't have to order a full container. However, most goods are subject to minimum order criteria though this is often negotiable. If a container load is ordered the China shipping is more economical but we can also offer LCL shipments and air freight for fast turnaround wholesale Chinese products.
A. You can by all means. However without an established guangxi network (business infrastructure) it is very easy to make mistakes, lose money or find yourself with inferior products. Problems can also occur when it comes to customs clearance at the port of delivery unless the correct paper work is completed. Many people have burnt there fingers thus losing out on a great business opportunity. China has a very different business culture and without personnel on the ground representing you they will not work to your expected level of quality. With GYD's business acumen we aim to make your trade with China safe but also profitable and confidentiality.
Q. Do I have to order a container load?
Q. Why can't I contact Chinese manufacturers and import from china on my own?
A. China is the manufacturing capital of the world and keeps the global economy buoyant. The quality of most Chinese manufacturing is comparable to any developed economy, however it remains crucial to be discerning when identifying Chinese suppliers. Based upon agreed MOQ criteria GYD can research the market and define appropriate China suppliers for many products including component parts, textiles, construction materials, machined parts, pet products, forged parts, promotional goods, stationary, injection molded parts and many more.
Q. What Products can you manufacture in China?
A. We work with OEM's and with our experience we may be able to find you a better price, superior product or simply offer you a supply chain management solution; we manage your supply chain and simply charge you a service fee. The process of outsourcing your production will reduce your overheads and allow your company to focus on what you do best.
Q. I am already importing from China, how can GYD help?
A. Yes, usually our China factories will make samples for a small fee. Final approval of the product can then be based upon a material sample which will allow for greater trust in our services and capabilities. There will however be a delay in this process and if you require products quickly then we can work with drawings and offer illustrations or pictures of a product before you approve mass production.Due to our experienced staff this is often possible thus reducing the costs of samples to you and allowing for a fast turnaround. It depends entirely on the product and your requirements. Often once the mass production is approved any sample/origination fees can be refunded via credit.
Q. Can you provide me with a sample before mass production?
A. We will ensure that all our quotations include the import duty and customs clearance procedures. We can however offer FOB China prices and allow you to arrange your own shipping but most customers prefer a complete door to door delivery solution when sourcing Chinese products.
Q. Do I clear the goods via customs in my country?
"A. Your privacy and IPR protection is important to us. We often arrange mutually agreeable non-disclosure agreements and IPR protection. This will include us signing an IPR protection/NDA with the Chinese factory and yourself before researching the viability of the project. We can even go one step further and sign exclusive clauses or license agreements with our China manufacturers."
Q. What happens to the information I provide to you regarding my product?
A. At GYD we strive to provide our clients with competitive China wholesale prices but we also seek to uphold our responsibility to maintain both high standards of due diligence and corporate responsibility. In order to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of corporate ethics, we work inline with the guidelines set out by the UN retail industry.
Q. How do I know that you are not dealing with sweat-shops?
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