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GYD ( Xiamen ) Import & Export Co., Ltd
Your China Sourcing Partner
GYD providing a total service to companies by sourcing and importing products from China, promoting reliable supply links and ensuring clear and effective communication channels.  

Our founder with more than 15 years experience on the ground in Asia we enjoy a high level of retention with our many customers by providing a quality service, ensuring continuity of supply and by working cost effectively with our consultancy fee being based on supplier cost.
A Summary Of What We Offer
◊  Very competitive pricing
◊  Only Quality Assured companies invited to quote
◊  Local Chinese experts to ensure local contract prices
◊  Extensive network of manufacturing contacts in China
◊  Chinese based team to ensure real-time relationships
◊  Comprehensive knowledge and experience of Chinese culture and markets
◊  An aim to develop longterm supply relationships with your company
◊  Quality, reliability and continuity from a service you can trust
How We Can Make It Happen
◊  Evaluation of reputable suppliers
◊  Selection of appropriate suppliers
◊  Negotiation of costs and arrangement of terms
◊  R&D products as your concept
◊  Molding and prototype
◊  Quality control of product manufacturing
◊  Production control (samples and compliance)
◊  Customs, insurance and tariffs compliance
◊  Logistics and shipping arrangements
◊  Facilitation and coordination of buyers visits to China
◊  Total China supply chain management
Our service fee for this complete service works on a sliding scale and depends on a number of variables including the type of product, order quantites and the total value of the shipment.
GYD aims to go that extra mile to ensure the supply of Chinese products in a simple, transparent and well communicated fashion.  A summary of our services are as follows:
The Sourcing Process
We at GYD have built up a large network of suppliers and contract manufacturers which enables us to source products to the exact specifications of our clients.  Below is the process by which we will be able to deliver the products you need to your business door:
Understanding The Product——
Select The Supplier——
Client Approval ——
Freight And Delivery——
-Specifications, Dimensions &   Materials
-Colours, Packaging, Freight
-Samples and Quantities
- Identify Suitable Source
- Obtain Quote and Lead Time
- Obtain and Check Samples

- Samples
- Pricing and Leadtimes
- Terms and Conditions
- Sign Order
- Place Deposit
- Production Control
- Inspection and Packing
- Transport by Sea or Air
- Customs Clearance
- Delivery to Clients Premises
Real-Time Communication With SKYPE AND WECHAT
With the advent of VoIP services that allow for free real-time phone conversations, we encourage our clients to upload Skype in order to keep them up to date with the latest development of their sourcing contract.
The link to upload this free service is and add my Skype account: chengxiuyi
If you are considering importing from China please contact us to discuss how we can make it happen.  We welcome initial enquiries  and will be happy to discuss any project so as to help you in your decision making.
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