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Import agency Services
Import agent including: Import payment in foreign exchange; Import licensing and other related services

Open L/C for import and accept TT, D/P and other settlement methods.

Agent incoming material processing and incoming material processing manual and other bonded business.
Agents of various import related approvals, quotas, licenses.

Agent for 3C certification and exemption procedures

Accept the entrustment of domestic customers and look for foreign sellers on behalf of the entrusting party.
How to entrust our company to import
1. First of all, you need to confirm the import order with your foreign merchant (and domestic user); 2. You need to explain to your foreign businessmen that we are your import agents and we sign import agency agreement; 3. You can pay for the goods to our company in advance, and then entrust our company to pay the foreign exchange (or open letter of credit) to your foreign merchant; 4. Provide foreign import documents to our company (invoice/packing list/bill of lading/certificate, etc.) as far as possible in advance; 5. After the goods arrive at the port, we start to change the documents for customs declaration, or we can use your or your foreign-designated freight forwarder; 6. Our company shall handle all the documents required for your import (including commodity inspection/exemption from 3C/ import license, etc.); 7. We will inform you of the certificate and amount of customs duty and VALUE-ADDED tax that you need to pay to our company; 8. After the customs releases the goods, we will arrange delivery for you, or instruct you to pick up the goods yourself; 9. After the conclusion of the business, we will list all the expenses actually incurred and settle with you.
Export agency Services
Export agency, including: Export proceeds; Export license and other related services.

Accept L/C for export and accept TT, D/P and other settlement methods.

Handled export verification and tax refund formalities as an agent for customers;
Agents of various export related approvals, quotas, licenses.

Agent for export commodity inspection, export goods insurance, etc.

Accept the entrustment of foreign customers and look for domestic sellers on behalf of the entrusting party.
How to entrust our company to export
1. First of all, you need to confirm export orders with foreign merchants and domestic suppliers 2. We signed a memorandum of cooperation on export agency 3. Please ask your foreign merchants to remit the foreign exchange payment to our account or ask your foreign customers to issue letter of credit to the bank designated by our company; 4. Our company shall pay the foreign exchange payment to the supplier according to your payment instruction, and the supplier shall provide the corresponding VAT special invoice to our company. 5. After the goods are ready, please provide relevant cargo information (including gross and net weight and volume of the product, consignee, etc.) to our company, and our company will arrange and book space.We will notify you of delivery when we get the warehouse receipt. 6. After the goods are exported, our company will provide foreign customs clearance documents to you, including invoice, packing list, bill of lading and so on. 7. After the end of the business, our company will make a statement of actual expenses to settle with you.
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